Upcoming Events

HIGH Octane Men’s Breakfast

Second Saturday of the Month @ 9:00AM at Ma Maw’s Diner, Baltimore, OH

Join us at Ma Maw’s Diner in Baltimore for High Octane Men’s Breakfast.

Lunch With Pastor

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What is your NEXT STEP? Find out as you sit with Pastor Joe over lunch. Please sign up for a time below.

Women of Purpose Dinner

Thursday, October 26th @ 6:30PM at Cristy’s Pizza, Baltimore, OH

Join us in Baltimore for a Women of Purpose Dinner.

NOW Family Fall Fellowship

Saturday, October 28th @ 6:00PM

Join us at the home of Clayton and Gabby Warren for bonfire and cookout.

Bring a side dish to share!

Financial Peace University

Beginning Sunday, October 15th @ 6:00pm

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NOW Youth Group

Tuesdays @ 7:00 PM at NOW Church

Join us on Tuesdays at NOW Youth Group for students in 6-12th grades . The purpose of NOW Youth is to help our teens live out their destiny. NOW Youth is a place where teens learn to grow upward, inward and outward.

Autumn Leaves: 4 Week Kid’s Ministry
September 3rd-24th at NOW Church

God makes all things beautiful!

In Autumn, the leaves transform into many brilliant colors – each one reminds us of the beauty, majesty, and power of God. Join the NOW Kids as they journey through 4 of the Psalms to learn more about living for God.

Memory Verse: “Yet for us there is but one GOD.”  1 Corinthians 8:6 (NIV)

Orange Leaves
Scripture: Warning. Psalm 81, Worship God Alone
Synopsis: The color orange is usually a warning to slow down, to take notice of construction    workers, and to be safe. Psalm 81 serves as a warning to us to worship the Lord God only, and have no gods before him.
Objective: Kids will learn they need to put God first in their lives.

Yellow Leaves
Scripture: Slow down. Psalm 27, Wait on the Lord
Synopsis: We want everything now. Food, new music, new TV shows, new toys. We want it now! God wants us to live patiently. He wants us to wait on him, and to live in the here and now.
Objective: Kids will learn to be patient and live in the moment.

Red Leaves
Scripture: Salvation. Psalm 107, God Rescues
Synopsis: The color red reminds us of the blood Jesus shed on the cross. It was Gods plan to save us from our sins.
Objective: Kids will learn how God saved us from sin.

Green Leaves
Scripture: New Life. Psalms 23, The Lord is my Shepherd
Synopsis: Following Jesus means rejecting the ways of the world. It also means finding a new life, and learning to trust Jesus.
Objective: Kids will learn that when they accept Jesus, he will give them a new life

Service Time: Sundays at 10:00am

Service Time: Sundays at 10:00am